Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend the candidates are desired to have the following key requirements:


Please contact the lab leader via email at or (Lab monitor) or ask one of his students.

請通過電子郵件 或實驗室監督員)聯繫實驗室負責人,或者詢問他的學生。

Please refer to our recent research direction at CANSEC-LAB@NSYSU. 

請參閱我們最近在 CANSEC-LAB@NSYSU 上的研究方向。

The lab director encourages students to join a project at the appropriate moment according to their level, as described below.


Article publication rules: Students must write articles as first, second, or corresponding authors.  

Yes, per the university policy for (Inter)national students. Additionally, a student may receive a stipend fee depending on the available project budget and research contributions.


Additionally, you may receive a research award* from the lab fund for each outstanding achievement, such as


* This amount is applicable if you are the only author with the lab director (i.e., two authors). For many authors, it will be distributed based on the contribution.

* 此金額適用於您與實驗室主任是唯一作者的情況(即兩位作者)。對於多位作者,將根據貢獻分配。

MS students typically have a duration of 2.5 years, whereas PhD students typically have a duration of 4.5 years. The scholarship for such a period is contingent upon the quality of the work and the submission of other assigned tasks.

No, but it is advised that you practice English for your personal development and to increase your international opportunities. 


The work hours are flexible as long as the student completes the assigned tasks within the stipulated time. However, it is recommended to present in the lab during office hours. 


We celebrate essential local and International events. Follow our social page for more details.


It is once (at least) every two weeks. During the meeting, the students must show their assigned task results. Note the meeting is not for preliminary discussion; for this, you may directly meet the lab director at his office upon appointment.